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RF Power Snitch

Your RF measurement companion

RF Power Snitch gives you quick insight of power levels before feeding a signal to your expensive measurement equipment. Protect your precious equipment from damage when working with unknown signals. If you're not sure, just feed the signal to Power Snitch and it will tell you if it is necessary to take some extra attenuation measures. The perfect companion for your NanoVNA, NanoVNA2, Tinysa, ADALM-PLUTO or SDRPlay equipment and alike.

Three colored LED's will give you an indication of the signal strength. It will tell if you're safe (green), in danger (red) or should take extra caution (yellow). This middle zone is around 0 dBm as most equipment can handle signals up to 0 dBm.

RF Power Snitch LEDs
Power Snitch reacting to chage of power level on input (not in sync with other picture)
RF Generator
Changing the power level with generator (not in sync with other picture)

Although factors like frequency, temperature, impedance matching and harmonics can affect readings, RF Power Snitch gives fairly consistent results. For more detailed readings RF Power Snitch exposes header pins for voltage readings. These readings translate to power levels (see chart). The voltage is amplified to a workable level so that you can use a multimeter or even a microcontroller to translate the voltage to a numeric power level.

Power Graph
Disclaimer: always double check your test setup and power levels, we assume no liability as manufacturer and are not to be held responsible for any loss or damage to equipment used in combination with RF Power Snitch

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